Meeting Agenda Example

Looking for a Meeting Agenda Example?

You have come to the right place! Every meeting runs differently, and it is important to have some type of guide to follow when you are developing an agenda. Here are a few examples of different meeting agendas that you can download and use as a guide when developing an agenda for your meeting.

Meeting Agenda Examples:

meeting agenda example

Tips for writing an agenda:

  • Insert start and end time for each topic
  • Make sure to set aside and insert time for breaks
  • Have colleagues or other participants review your agenda
  • Make sure to include preparation task
  • Remember to distribute the agenda to participants before the meeting.

If you are struggling with creating a proper agenda, meeting management systems like MeetingBooster include a variety of meeting agenda examples such as sales meeting, board meeting, business meeting and staff meeting agenda examples.

Meeting Agenda Example

I now that there are meeting agenda examples online, however the meeting agenda examples in MeetingBooster are ready to use, and cover many types of meeting agendas. Some examples are used for general business meetings, staff meetings even sales meeting agendas. MeetingBooster also provides more task oriented agenda examples to improve accountability by including pre-meeting tasks such as, budget preparation, status updates and more. The examples can be customized for use within your organization.

Create Your Own Meeting Agenda Examples

Typically people create their agenda in Microsoft Word, however there are alternatives. Mind Mapping software such as MindView allow you to brainstorm your agenda in a Mind map allowing you to see the agenda as a whole, and meeting systems like MeetingBooster let you create an agenda, and save it online as your own template. These meeting agenda examples can then be shared with colleagues to align meeting procedures. MeetingBooster allows user to access previous meeting agendas to be used the foundation for a new agenda.

Using MeetingBooster to write your agenda:

  • Electronic topic suggestion system for participants
  • Easy and effective tool to write and agenda
  • Powerful time distribution tool
  • Allocate pre meeting tasks
  • Automatically distribution of agenda